Leadership Outreach in the Dominican Republic

The need for well-trained pastors is more important today than ever before. This is no less important among the Hispanic community than any other groups. The rapid growth of Hispanics demand for ministries that will provide theological training and mentorship to those in ministry now, as well as those who sense God’s call on their lives for future service. Paul’s writings to both Timothy (1 Timothy 3:1-7) and Titus (Titus 1:5-9) lay a foundation for the personal, moral and spiritual qualifications for those in pastoral ministry.

Leadership Outreach desires to come along side of Spanish-speaking churches to help equip leaders who have little to no theological education. As hinted above, the Spanish population is expected to grow in the United States to over 129 million by the year 2060. This means that the urgency to train and equip pastors who will reach this segment of our society is truly huge. Furthermore, not only is there need for theological training, but perhaps even more importantly, for practical oversight and coaching of those who have been called to the ministry.

Leadership Outreach is providing leadership training to Hispanics both in and out of the United States. Our Spanish online training program has 70 students from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Florida and Tennessee. We hope to develop a residential training center in the Dominican Republic in the future. I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in the month of July. I plan to meet many of the online students for the first time and develop deeper relationships with each one. Leadership Outreach believes in a “boots on the ground” philosophy of educational ministry. We believe this is important for at least two reasons. First, Jesus gave us examples of both formal and informal teaching. He desired for his disciples to be with him and for them to develop and become like him, their Master (Mark 3:14; Luke 6:40). Second, we don’t simply teach the bible to students, but we teach students the bible. The difference is significant. Pastors are real people, with real struggles, doubts, failures, and victories. It is true that teaching is knowledge-based, but it must ultimately be life-filtered. That is, we want our students to know that we will not only instill theological knowledge but will help them to flesh out theological and ministry truths in real-life experiences with their spouses and children, as well as ministry. This means that we want our students to lead healthy personal, family and ministry lives.

Finally, we recognize that our ministry at Leadership Outreach would be impossible without the presence, support, and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. For this reason, we ask that you remember all our students in your prayers, as well as the many instructors around the world imparting biblical truth through our ministry. Please remember my trip to the Dominican Republic July 14-21, 2018. Thank you for your involvement in what we do, and may God continue to use your life for his kingdom purposes.
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