A Message from Pastor Marlon Browne

Leadership Outreach Network has been a special blessing for our congregation. For almost two years now, we have received theological training and numerous counseling in particular with our role within the church. We are called not only to study the Bible, but to serve according to what the Bible teaches, and Pastor Roger gives practical advice for students on how we should put into action everything we are learning. Our students are training to serve God and our church in a unique way. Several of these students are already serving in different areas of ministry, especially in Bible studies. Among the students, we have children teachers, Sunday school teachers, and Bible study teachers on Wednesdays. Other students are considering leadership as deacons and even pastor. As a pastor, I have the confidence to know that we have a solid biblical foundation and a heart to honor God in our community.

Through technology, it is possible each student could train from home, but we have decided as a group to meet every Monday at church to be able to ask and answer questions, and also to encourage each other to be faithful to the biblical study every week.

We ask that you pray for our church, and especially our community. The lack of good secular education and regular work schedules has created poverty and a lot of crime. Our goal is to be a healthy church that has evangelism in the center of its heart and bring hope for those who do not know Jesus as their Saviour.
– Pastor Marlon Browne, Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer in Belle Glade, Florida
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