Dominican Republic Trip

I had always heard that Navarrete was a city known for its lively protests. The northern cities of Esperanza and Navarrete in the Dominican Republic feel they have gotten the raw end of the deal when it comes to government aid for water quality and road conditions. My wife and I flew into Santiago and had a local pastor pick us up. Little did we know that at 3:00 a.m. we would have to travel through debris and blocked roads due to the protests in Navarrete. The following day we had to stay two-hours away because the protests were still going on. Thank God the protests stopped, and we were able to continue our trips to various cities in the northern and southern part of the island country.

During our trip to the Dominican Republic, June 3-18, my wife Elaine and I visited thirteen cities, preaching, teaching, and promoting the training ministry of Leadership Outreach. I taught “Teaching Principles and Methods” (Volume 8 in our B.T.C.P. curriculum) during the first week in the north in Esperanza and then in the last leg of our trip in the south in the capital, Santo Domingo.

During our trip we visited the following cities:

  • Esperanza in the north
  • Piedra Gorda in the north
  • Boruco in the north
  • Jaibon in the northwest
  • Sosua in the northern coast
  • Puerto Plata in the northern coast
  • Santiago in the north-central
  • La Vega in the central section
  • San Cristobal in the south (west of Santo Domingo)
  • San Pedro de Macorís in the southeast
  • La Romana in the southeast
  • Veron, Punta Cana, in the southeast
  • Santo Domingo in the south

Eight of the thirteen cities were new to our ministry. In each of these eight cities, we presented the ministry of Leadership Outreach. In all our promotional events the response was the same: Pastors are thirsty for training and thankful that Leadership Outreach is willing to invest in the development of their leaders. We are praying and seeking the Lord’s will to add new training centers around the Dominican Republic.

One of the most joyful moments during this trip was to see one of our students, Alberto Pichardo, who is now pastoring a mission, preaching the Word of God. Alberto ministers in one of the poorest areas in the north called “Piedra Gorda” (Fat Rock). During our time there one hour of downpouring flooded several houses. Our students helped clear the way for several families before attending class that evening. I thank the Lord for the spiritual growth in the life of Alberto and all our students in the north in Esperanza, Piedra Gorda, Boruco and Santiago.
Our trip to the Dominican Republic has left us with lingering memories of the people, the struggles, the social challenges, and the need for growing spiritual leaders. Our trip was productive in terms of the teaching and promotion of our ministry, but I believe fruitful as well in terms of pastors and leaders who will enroll in our training program starting in January 2020.
Please pray for the work in the Dominican Republic as God continues to help us find favor among pastors and churches. Our next trip will be in January 2020 to the northern part of the island country. Our first graduating class in the D.R. will take place on June 2020. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for investing in our ministry through your prayers, concerns, and giving. May the Lord richly bless each of you as you continue to serve him for his glory.
Roger P. Felipe, D.Min.
Network Trainer

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