Why Leadership Outreach?

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations are registered in the U.S. With so many non-profit organizations in existence, what makes Leadership Outreach unique and why should a potential donor consider investing in this ministry?

These are great questions. Everyone evaluating a ministry should ask these questions. We are all called to be good stewards of the resources given to us by the Lord and we should carefully and prayerfully consider where we invest our resources.

At the heart of all we do, seeing the Gospel penetrate and saturate a community or region is our passion. The Leadership Outreach team continually seeks to identify areas where there is tremendous need for church planting, pastoral training, and leadership development. Using the Jesus model for training and development, we go to the hard to reach places and develop training centers where the people are.

We exist to train pastors, multiply ministry leaders, revitalize churches and promote church planting as a means of community transformation. The Gospel is our message, training pastors and church leaders is our method, and seeing community transformation is our motivation.

What makes Leadership Outreach unique is that we go to the people. We take the training to those in need instead of requiring the students to travel to us. We believe that the best way to reach people is to teach people in their own context and environment. So often, when people leave their community and go to the big city for training, they often fall in love with the amenities of the big city and no longer want to return to their impoverished communities. By taking the training to them, they never need to leave their people and their community.

Another unique element of our training is the page-by-page training we provide. So many of our students have the pastoral calling but do not have the education to fully understand by reading alone the complex theological truths necessary to rightly divide the Word of God. By walking through the texts with them, our trainers are able to answer their questions and expound upon the challenging teachings. This is invaluable training for our students and is a major part of what makes our training unique.

Why should a potential investor consider sponsoring a pastor, supporting a training center, or making an investment in Leadership Outreach? In short, because our method is working. The Gospel is spreading, pastors are being trained, churches are being planted and communities are being transformed. The results are in and great things are happening in our ministry. The demand for training centers is tremendous and the need for theological training is growing every day.

Why Leadership Outreach? Because Christ left us with a mission and we must do whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission. As you consider becoming an investor in this great work, perhaps another question to ask is, “Why not make an investment in this ministry?”