About Leadership Outreach

Our Overall Strategy

Each One, Reach One. Each One, Teach One.

We strive to mentor students to develop their core-competency with curriculum that is highly practical and theologically Christ-Centered.

If God places a call in their heart to enter into ministry, we guide them through a 10-part curriculum created by Bible Training Center for Pastors, and personally meet with and mentor them through each course.

Upon graduation, we certify each pastor and church leader, continue in relationship with them as they plant their own church, and equip them to influence their community with the Gospel, beginning the cycle all over again.

Our History

Pastoral Student Training Begins

Leadership Outreach Founded


First Training Center Established

Church Plantings Begin


Spanish and Portuguese Training

New Website Launched


Driven by his passion for educating and coaching untrained pastors and ministry leaders in remote areas, Fernando Facioli begins training a single student in Brazil.


Leadership Outreach is formed with the goal of assisting churches in the States clarify their vision, simplify their strategies, and maximize their executive leadership teams.


Our first training center is established with 20 church leaders in Anori, Brazil, a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.


Tim, Fernando, and Roger meet to develop a new Vision and Strategy to pivot Leadership Outreach in addressing the challenges, and lack of training, that was affecting pastors and church planters in developing countries.


Leadership Outreach began offering pastoral training in Spanish. During this time the Portuguese track experienced an exponential growth in new enrollments.


Website rebranding and redesign to share all the stories of what God is doing in the lives of Leaders who are multiplying churches all over the world.


Worldwide Pastoral Training

Today, our reach has expanded to training pastors all over the world. While we have time-tested methods and metrics from consulting with numerous churches, we understand each culture is different, with specific needs that must be addressed.

Our Vision

Training Leaders Multiplying Churches

We have seen the local church make a global impact and we are excited about God calling future leaders who will change their world.